blueberry bushes installed

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Time posted: March 30, 2005

The plan is for lots of “small fruit,” which are fruits that don’t grow on trees. Yesterday I finished planting the blueberry bushes I bought from Waters Blueberry farm. two each of Duke, Bluecrop, and Elliot. That’s early- mid- and late-season fruiting, giving me six weeks of harvesting blueberries, or maybe a bit longer.

I bought two-year-old plants and paid 13 bucks a bush. He had several dozen of each variety to choose from, and he had some 4-year bushes (sixty bucks each, ouch) that looked magnificent as well. He said each of those would produce 5-7 pounds of fruit a year. So in 2007 I can expect 30-42 pounds of blueberries. :O

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