more Nanking cherries

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Time posted: April 9, 2005

When I ordered my bush cherries from a catalog, I got a bundle that was to include two packs of three bushes, but they shorted me one Nanking cherry bush. To their credit, they (Gurney’s in case you wondered, my first order from there) shipped me a replacement promptly with minimal fuss.

But when it arrived, it was a three-pack. And I’d only dug one hole. So I planted the one quickly, and left the others sitting with their roots in a five gallon bucket of water. After a week of being ignored, I noticed they were budding out. So today I tilled up a little extension to the end of my row of cherry bushes and planted them to the east of the ones that were already in. I had alternating Hansen’s and Nanking bushes, but so much for symmetry I guess.

I expect these things to produce pretty profusely (the ones I remember from childhood did) and keep the birds busy eating cherries so I can eat the other small fruits.

bush cherries just getting established
not too impressive yet, but this will be a big bush quickly

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