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Time posted: April 12, 2005

I messed up and didn’t write down the name of the cultivar of these Alliums when I bought them (let this be a lesson to you all). they may be globemaster, but I kind of think they aren’t. The picture on the package was reminiscent of globemaster at least. I grabbed them from a closeout shelf at Home Depot at the end of last season and planted two of them without telling anyone. (maybe I threw away the package as part of my stealth effort, who knows).

They practically burst out of the ground this week, and my stealth paid off. “What are those big things popping out of the ground?” my wife asked. Luckily the symmetry of the placement was a giant clue these weren’t super-weeds.

Allium giganteum or thereabouts
no flower yet, but the foliage is actually very striking

I’m a big bulb fan, but with so much landscaping to do, bulbs can chow up the budget rapidly, especially specialty bulbs like this. I couldn’t resist including a couple as an accent. At the last house, I’d buy hundreds of tulips and make beds full of a single color. On this property, 1,000 tulips would look like a good start, and it would take maybe five times that to get the impact I used to get from one or two hundred. (maybe in a few more years…)

Allium with cat
they evidently don’t repel cats

I do have a few more showy bulbs up my sleeve for this season, but you’ll have to wait a couple months. What I have are just about ready to go in the ground now, no foliage yet.

Allium flower
Actually I seem to remeber the cultivar being “Gladiator.” Maybe.

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