snow peas germinated

Lots of action in my vegetable bed–the snow peas have germinated, and the onions are sending leaves up amazingly quickly. We had a couple days of light rain that soaked them in pretty nicely and everything is moving along nice in that bed. I expect to see my lettuce germinate before much longer.

fly predators

We released our first batch of fly control insects tonight. It might have been good to get them about a week earlier or so, but the flies aren’t out of control yet, so I have hope. It took a few days after we received the shipment for the pupae to metamorphose into adults, but we […]

strawberries installed

The soil in the raised bed I reserved for strawberries was incredibly friable and had almost a fluffy texture to it. Great to work with. I unbundled the sparkle strawberries first, and I was a little disappointed with how dessicated and runty they looked, but the roots seemed decent. We’ll see soon enough. The earliglows […]

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