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Time posted: April 13, 2005

The soil in the raised bed I reserved for strawberries was incredibly friable and had almost a fluffy texture to it. Great to work with. I unbundled the sparkle strawberries first, and I was a little disappointed with how dessicated and runty they looked, but the roots seemed decent. We’ll see soon enough. The earliglows were a lot more robust looking, with a nice hairy texture to the above-ground parts. Both are Junebearing varieties.

I had to solve how to lay out 50 plants in my 4x12 foot bed–the recommended spacing is 12 inches with rows 3 feet apart according to the nursery I bought them from, and 18-24 inches apart with rows 4 feet apart according to the K-State publication I have. (Following that spacing, my bed would hold 6 plants). What I wound up with was 6 inch spacing with 6 inches between rows, but using alternate spacing. If they get too crowded this way, I can easily till new beds for them and accomodate any overflow. I’m hoping the more intensive spacing will help crowd out weeds.

It’s a shame I can’t let any fruit set the first year. It will be June 2006 before I’m enjoying any fresh picked (organic) strawberries. Hopefully the blueberry and bush cherry harvest this year will tide us over.

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