hosta sum and substance

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Time posted: April 14, 2005

Toward the end of last year, I renovated the bed near our front porch. It’s on the north side of the house, but gets morning sun. But a mostly shaded location like that is fairly rare at my place (we have no shade trees) so I thought I’d take advantage of the shade to place a Hosta. I went looking for a nice variety (I had collected hostas at previous houses and left dozens of varieties behind–I wanted something new to me) and came up with sum and substance, whcich was selected as the Hosta variety of the year for 2004.

This variety is supposed to reach a six to six-and-a-half foot spread, which would really make a nice specimen. I was a little disappointed to come home with a quart container with a couple leaves poking out, but I installed it last fall along with my other plants. I mulched it well to help protect it this winter, but the spot is very sheltered (from the weather if not from the kids).

It started to “pip out” recently so here’s a shot of the impressive Hosta “sum and substance.”

Hosta la vista
not an impressive specimen at this size (April 2005)
Hosta sum and substance
A June 2006 update picture–it’s slowly developing into a nice specimen

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