daylilies: happy returns

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Time posted: April 16, 2005

Back at the end of last season, my local Home Depot was closing out lots of plants. One of the things that got too cheap for me to resist was Hemerocallis (daylilies). The cultivar is “happy returns,” which is supposed to bloom all summer long. Mine are still small, but making a strong showing this spring.

Daylilies are great low-maintenance plants if you have a full sun spot to put them. They spread pretty vigorously, although the hybrids are much less invasive than the old-fashioned orange ones you may be familiar with. Eventually any daylilies will fill in and form a dense mat that outcompetes weeds like a champ, and needs next to no watering. This is a great plant for anyone concerned about water conservation.

“happy returns” daylilies

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