Sunflowers: Russian mammoth

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Time posted: April 17, 2005

The name of our subdivision is “Sunflower Estates.” At the corners of the subdivision we have big metal sunflower sculptures, maybe 10 feet tall. Not to be outdone (I do live in the sunflower state after all), I found a variety Helianthus anuus “Russian mammoth” that will grow 12 to 15 feet tall. And I can get dozens of seeds for a buck. That’s my kind of plant.

So I took a spot out at the front of our property and tilled it thoroughly to loosen the dirt. I borrowed a few wheelbarrows full for my raised beds, and then I prepared the bed for sunflower seeds. I probably put three dozen in, and plan to thin them somewhat since their roots need a fair amount of room to stretch out.

I have a stack of other sunflower seeds on hand, but these are the showy ones, so I put them out front to make an impression. I’ll put up some photos as they get some height on them

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