lavender: French lavender (Lavandula dentata)

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Time posted: April 27, 2005

I wasn’t really shopping for lavender today. But I was browsing at a local garden center taht had several types. This stuff really grabbed me with the showy “dentate” or tooty-looking leaves. Plus who can argue with a plant that the perfume industry is so fond of?

What else is nice about this plant? It’s perennial in warmer climates, probably questionable for me, but I like it enough to baby it through the first few winters. It is fairly drought-resistant too, which is a big plus for me. I’m on a low-maintenance gardening plan, so choosing things that don’t waste resources or require intensive care is important to me. It will eventually grow into what looks like a low shrub, maybe 2-3 feet tall. And I’ll let you guess what color the flowers are. But they do attract bees from what I can tell. And I’m planning on propagating the stuff from cuttings.

French lavender
nice looking foliage

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