lavender: English lavender (Lavandula angustifolias) “Munstead”

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Time posted: April 30, 2005

I visited another local garden center this weekend with the kids in tow. This place had easily 15,000 trees. It’s a wholesaler that deals with landscapers, but recently opened to the public. The kids had a great time exploring the “jungle” which let me browse, or at least start to browse the rows of trees.

I’ll have to go back with a trailer when I get serious, but I couldn’t leave empty handed, so I continued my lavender garden with a flat of fifteen quart pots of Lavandula angustifolias (English lavender) “Munstead.” This lavender variety is maybe more suited to my climate than the French stuff I got earlier. The foliage is a deeper green, and maybe the scent is subtly different. I really like the scent of the French lavender, but this is also quite nice.

English lavender
Fairly ordinary stuff compared to the French kind

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