sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)

No herb garden can do without this plant. Even when I didn’t have a garden, I managed to plant some basil in a container and always have fresh sweet basil for my Italian cooking. When I did have a garden, pesto was a great way to make use of any extra basil you may produce.

So […]

Buzz’s bell pepper garden

Last year we were very successful with bell peppers along the south wall of the garage. My seven-year-old son loves to eat them, and he took a lot of pride in growing them himself. So we were innocently driving by a hardware store, and noticed a huge display of plants for sale. Turns out the […]

Hosta fluctuans “sagae”

It’s not that I have to explain this to my fellow Hostaholics, but sometimes you see a batch that just needs you to take them home. They call out to you. So I was at Wal-Mart on a completely non-garden-related errand, and I innocently decided to browse the garden center, when they jumped at me. […]

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