Hosta fluctuans “sagae”

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Time posted: May 1, 2005

It’s not that I have to explain this to my fellow Hostaholics, but sometimes you see a batch that just needs you to take them home. They call out to you. So I was at Wal-Mart on a completely non-garden-related errand, and I innocently decided to browse the garden center, when they jumped at me. Some of the biggest, nicest Hostas I’ve run across so far this season and at a good price too. These came in two-gallon pots and set me back seven bucks each, so the dozen I loaded up set me back $84.

Okay, the details: Hosta fluctans “sagae” is a variegated variety, but the margins are yellow rather than white, and the green leaves are bluish. Like all Hostas it loves the shade. It’s got fairly substantial leaves with that rippling you see in some of the blue types. This variety should get a four-foot spread, and have lavender-colored flowers. The plants I got look to be about two years old, so I was glad to pay seven bucks each.

I installed these along the front porch, which is about the only shaded spot I have left. There are eight pillars along the sixty-foot length of my porch, spaced eight feet on center with a wider space in the center where the front door is. I left the front door unobstructed, but put two hostas in betwwen each pair of pillars otherwise, so they are on a four-foot spacing that should have them just touching at the end of next summer. Or maybe this summer, we’ll see.

a dozen hostas
Just installed and ready for some mulch

We’ve previously grown several varieties of Hosta, and we love them, but the almost complete lack of shade here makes them a challenge. So I have my specimen “sum and substance”, and these twelve, and that will have to be it, as disappointing as that may be.

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