Buzz’s bell pepper garden

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Time posted: May 7, 2005

Last year we were very successful with bell peppers along the south wall of the garage. My seven-year-old son loves to eat them, and he took a lot of pride in growing them himself. So we were innocently driving by a hardware store, and noticed a huge display of plants for sale. Turns out the local radio show gardening guy was appearing at this hardware store, so they unloaded several truckloads of nursery stock to capitalize on the event.

When we got there the radio show was over and done, but there were still about a zillion flats of various things on wheeled carts everywhere you looked. Most of it was pretty mediocre, but they did have bell peppers in every color I’ve ever seen and a few I haven’t. So we grabbed a flat, and started loading it with two of each color we could find.

So we took home two each of red, yellow, orange, green, and chocolate (this was a new one on me) bell peppers. They had a color they called “lilac” (also a new one to me) but the purple ones we grew last year didn’t taste paricularly good, so I took a pass on that. I added a jalapeno plant for myself (kids haven’t acquired that taste yet), and we took off for home. The kids had a good time helping me dig in the dirt–I tricked them into picking rocks up and putting them into buckets.

One trick I learned this winter from reading library books: plant your pepper plants with the top of the root ball buried a little below ground level. This will make the plant somewhat sturdier since it will put out more roots from the bottom of the stem.

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