garlic (Allium sativa)

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Time posted: July 2, 2005

Just as an experiment, I grew some garlic. I took the bulb garlic I buy at the grocery store, and planted several of the larger cloves at around Thanksgiving time. (My pals at Kansas State Extension say October is a good time for planting garlic too). I buried them six inches deep and spaced six inches apart. A bulb planter is a handy thing for this.

Next spring I was reminded of my project when the green tops showed up over the mulch. By July, I had a nice harvest of fresh, locally grown garlic, with as close to zero effort as growing something can possibly be (this is why I love bulbs of all types). Install the garlic in fall to early winter, then ignore it until the tops brown up and fall over, then dig it out and enjoy.

garlic Allium sativa
freshly dug garlic bulbs

Compared to what you get in the store, the fresh stuff has higher moisture in the flesh. I put mine in paper bags to dry out the skin (which comes out of the ground with a lot of moisture). If you gow a mess of it, you’ll want to properly dry it, but mine got eaten way too fast for it to be a concern. I highly suggest trying this yourself. Especially if you have a clove or two from the store that’s begun to sprout.

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