water feature: fairy fountain

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Time posted: April 27, 2006

I’m a closeout shopper. So on any mission to Home Depot or any similar store I have to buzz through the garden center and scope out deals. Last October when it was getting cold and they were shutting the garden center down, I saw a cart with a stack of fountains on it that were displays. I happened to catch the manager working on clearing the area out, so I asked him how much he’d like to get rid of a fountain. He suggested a very reasonable price, and I said “load it up.”

I stored it over the winter in the basement and cleaned it up and set it up in my long bed by the front porch this spring. The fountain has a sort of stained glass mosaic of goldfish in the bottom, and a fairy figurine with a pump that makes water trickle out of a shell she’s holding. The fairy has butterfly-like wings, so the kids loved her.

fairy fountain
Small is good–it’s easy to clean, and easy to store for the winter.

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