Hemerocallis “Frankly Scarlet”

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Time posted: September 29, 2006

This is an award winner: the All-American Daylily Selection Council named this cultivar the 2003 winner. I tend to think they know their stuff. These are quite nice. I grew up with the “old-fashioned” orange daylilies that were so terribly invasive. These are quite well-behaved as are most hybrids. But like the old fashioned kind they are quite low maintenance.

These are sited on the west side of my house, farthest from any hose bib. They get sun after about 11:00 until sunset. I bought nine in one-gallon pots from Home Depot when they were marked down at the end of the season–still they weren’t cheap. I tend to be willing to spend more on an award winning cultivar (perhaps that’s misguided, but they seem to work for me). So while these were marked down, they still weren’t cheap. I think I paid five bucks per for plants originally labeled $12.

Anyway, they are a nice large plant with big, showy red blooms. They rebloom like “Happy Returns” but they’re noticeably larger than Happy Returns or Stella D’Oro, larger plant and bloom.

Hemerocallis Frankly Scarlet

These did extremely well for me, I didn’t lose any and they keep looking good for a long time.

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