Return of “Happy Returns”

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Time posted: September 29, 2006

I posted previously about these, but I have more current photos to share from end of summer 2006.

The same set of plants I pictured in the original post made a fine showing this summer. Here’s the pic from the first post, and then an updated recent shot:

“happy returns” daylilies in April 2005
“happy returns” daylilies in June 2006
the bumblebees happily return also

Additionally, I obtained another five dozen of these in one gallon pots at the end of 2005. They were a buck a whack at Wal-Mart. A couple dozen went to the neighbors, leaving me with three dozen. I planted a drift of them on the west end of my patio. Those plants have now had one year in ground and should look like something next summer.

These are also an award winning plant, perennial of the year by the Perennial Plant Association in 1992. I like the award winners by and large. I now have a decent collection of them.

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