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Time posted: November 6, 2006

I acquired a vast amount of plants this fall as garden centers closed out. I had previously been limiting myself to heraceous perennials, but I have now entered into shrubs and trees.

This is of course, totally backward. You’re supposed to plant the trees and shrubs first to serve as the bones of your garden, and fill in with perennials and annuals. That’s what I read in a book anyhow. As always, the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago.

So what did I come up with? The following is my list.
13 Buddleia davidii butterfly bush — all were labeled “Black knight” but I’m kind of doubtful.
5 Rudbeckia “Autumn colors”
2 Rudbeckia mislabeled as “goldsturm,” but they have deep chocolate brown on the inner ends of the petals.
7 Colocasia esculenta “black magic” elephant ears
7 Perovskia “longin” russian sage
19 Hemerocallis “red rum” daylilies (yeah the goofy name got me, but the flower is nice deep red, which I like)
3 Delosperma cooperi “ice flower” a cool ground cover from South Africa I’ve never run across before
4 Coreopsis “creme brulee” to fill the gap an existing bed of these (otherwise I prefer odd numbers)
3 Andromeda polifolia “blue bog” I’ve never encountered this, so I had to get a few
3 Salix integra “Hakuro Nishiki” dappled willow shrub
1 Ligustrum “Golden vicary” privet
7 Sedum “neon” these things bloom fluorescent pink
11 Weigela florida “pink princess” big shrubs–I didn’t realize how big they get
7 Nandina domestica Heavenly bamboo (it’s not bamboo, it’s a shrub)
3 Chaenomeles japonica “Texas Scarlet” flowering quince, kind of a viney shrub
7 Nandina domestica “Purpurea Nana” dwarf purple nandina, very cute
4 Euonymus alatus “Compactus” dwarf burning bush (I thought I grabbed 3, I prefer odd numbers)
9 Spirea “gold flame” awesome color foliage
2 blueberry bushes
7 Juniper ‘blue rug’
3 Cercis canadensis redbud tree
3 Potentilla fruticosa “Tangerine” an interesting hardy shrub i’ve never seen
2 Symphyotrichum novi-belgii New York Aster
3 Cotoneaster horizontalis
1 Magnolia grandiflora “Bracken’s Brown Beauty”
4 Ilex x meserveae “China Boy” “China Girl” holly
27 Pyrus calleryana “Cleveland Select” flowering pear trees (yeah, not a typo, I bought 27)

So that’s a fair bit of material. I averaged a couple bucks a plant for all that.

The pear trees are installed along the driveway in a single 400 foot line parallel to the fence. This will look impressive when they bloom in spring, especially once they get some size to them. I spaced them 16 feet apart, so they are fairly close and should just about touch at full size.

Here’s a pic of just one load of about 5:

plant bargains
lots of new material to work with

I parked most of the shrubs in nursery beds to give myself time to think through where to put all these shrubs. A lot of them get sizeable.

And here’s the driveway

pear trees
400 feet of pear trees looks like this

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