Elfin thyme (Thymus minus “Elfin”)

I need to record the failures along with the successes here. I got four quart pots of minus thyme, a particularly dinky-leaved variety called “elfin” from a proper garden center (and paid full price too–5 bucks a pot). This stuff just couldn’t outcompete the weeds sadly. It is a very delicate ground cover, and I […]

Sage: (Salvia officinalis)

I planted some sage in the kitchen garden last year and was a little surprised to see it winter over succesfully. But it did, and so it started off the 2006 year big and strong. I decided it deserved a “promotion” to ornamental status since it was getting along so well. I moved it into […]

garlic (Allium sativa)

Just as an experiment, I grew some garlic. I took the bulb garlic I buy at the grocery store, and planted several of the larger cloves at around Thanksgiving time. (My pals at Kansas State Extension say October is a good time for planting garlic too). I buried them six inches deep and spaced six […]

sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)

No herb garden can do without this plant. Even when I didn’t have a garden, I managed to plant some basil in a container and always have fresh sweet basil for my Italian cooking. When I did have a garden, pesto was a great way to make use of any extra basil you may produce.

So […]

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