the triangle

This bed is directly beneath the picture windows in my living room. So in addition to the vantage point from the yard, I can see this from in the house. So I put a lot into it. It’s a right triangle roughly 14 feet on each leg, so about 100 sqare feet. I made the […]

patio retaining wall project

In late March we got a new concrete patio poured. We already have a covered back porch, but this is just another sort of “outdoor room” where we can do things. We weren’t getting good use out of the yard space, so this seemed like a good upgrade.

The grade was such that I wound up […]

water feature: fairy fountain

I’m a closeout shopper. So on any mission to Home Depot or any similar store I have to buzz through the garden center and scope out deals. Last October when it was getting cold and they were shutting the garden center down, I saw a cart with a stack of fountains on it that were […]

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