Buzz’s bell pepper garden

Last year we were very successful with bell peppers along the south wall of the garage. My seven-year-old son loves to eat them, and he took a lot of pride in growing them himself. So we were innocently driving by a hardware store, and noticed a huge display of plants for sale. Turns out the […]

snow peas germinated

Lots of action in my vegetable bed–the snow peas have germinated, and the onions are sending leaves up amazingly quickly. We had a couple days of light rain that soaked them in pretty nicely and everything is moving along nice in that bed. I expect to see my lettuce germinate before much longer.

seeds planted today

After I filled up my second raised bed with dirt and compost, I planted seeds and onion sets in the first one. Seeds that are now in:

70 yellow onion sets
6 rows of snow peas (2 varieties)
3 rows of salad bowl lettuce

Most of that stuff could have gone in two or three weeks earlier, but […]

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